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Gogo’s Crazy Bones is a collectable toy like no other. It has been a playground sensation in countries all of the world. Kids and adults alike are drawn to the colourful characters and action packed games. It is quite simply a phenomenon and a product that has inspired a whole generation of collectable toys.

There are five different series of Gogo’s Crazy Bones with hundreds of colourful and playful characters to discover.

Series 1 introduces Mosh, the most famous Gogo of them all, as well as the highly prized Most Wanted Gogos!

Series 2 sees the Gogos going through an Evolution....

Series 3 Gogo’s Crazy Bones are Explorers and there are even Laser Gogos to discover!

Series 4 is all about Power! New metal Gogo’s add real shine to the collection.

Finally, Gogo’s Crazy Bones Superstars. The best of the best! The favourite characters from the first 4 series all together in one place and with a new fuzzy flocked finish.
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